Having Fun in Data Desk

Data Desk is an incredibly powerful tool, but it can be a lot of fun too. We’re going to show you just how powerful with some fun projects. As an added bonus, you’ll learn the basics of how to user Data Desk!

A Different Way To Look At Earthquake Data

Data often come with geographic coordinates in the form of longitude and latitude. In Data Desk we can plot these in a scatterplot to get a map that links with other displays. Select South America or Australia and see the corresponding points highlight in other displays.

But the latitude by longitude map is a Mercator projection, and not really an accurate representation. After all, the world is round.

However, Data Desk understands multiple dimensions and can rotate a globe. All we need top do is to map the longitude and latitude values onto the globe, and tweak the rotating plot options a bit.

This clip shows how.

Speedy Data Desk!

Data Desk is sometimes thought of as that clever little program that does those interactive graphics. But there’s muscle under the hood. Here’s a little demo that exercises Data Desk’s computing power to analyze and display 10,000,000 cases.

On an older Macintosh computer. In real time.


Christmas Tree Special

Hi there, This is Tim with Data Description. I’m going to show you how to have fun with data in Data Desk this holiday season. We asked Paul Velleman for a holiday-themed data-set, Check This Out!

In this video, I go through the steps necessary to creating a Christmas Tree of data within Data Desk and show off some of its features along the way.

You can download the completed ‘sho’ file below to follow along. We chose to use a ‘sho’ file for backwards compatibility.

Data Desk RP levels the scripting learning curve.

-Use R and Python with a simple graphical interface.
-Don’t even touch your keyboard for most basic statistics graphs and functions.
-Expect idiomatic, clear code

You can determine your own analyses easily and then see how to do the same thing in your scripting language of choice. Then you can modify the code further, with a great launching-off point.

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