Exporting to R, Python, HTML, and SVG

Each of the plots or analyses in the Ribbon creates a window to hold its result. The global HyperView menu (the one in the upper left corner of the window) offers a command to Export…

Exporting an SVG file preserves a graph in full precision. Exporting a table in SVG saves a picture of the table, including boldface type and any special symbols. Exporting a table as HTML saves the table in the hypertext markup language most common on web sites and preserves formatting information.

The ability to export to R or Python is an especially powerful feature. Data Desk will create files that contain R or Python program code that reproduces the plot or analysis in the window. The resulting R and Python programs can be edited and modified and the code for particular plots or analyses can be copied and pasted into an existing R or Python program.

Export to R or Python