Managing Icons

Every window has an icon. Closing a window closes it into its icon. Open the icon to see the window. There are several kinds of icons, appropriate for different kinds of windows.

About Relations

Variables always belong to a Relation. Their icons are usually found in a relation window or in a Folder within a relation window. However, even variables that are not seen in a relation window belong to some relation.


Variables are often dragged to a part of a results window such as a display or table. You can specify how Data Desk should display variables by dragging them to the appropriate parts of displays and specify how Data Desk should compute statistical models by dragging variables to a part of the results table window.


The {Data}Duplicate command duplicates the selected icons and their contents.

Throw Away

To discard an icon and its contents, drag it to the Trash. It can still be dragged back out until you choose {Special}Empty Trash.

Empty Trash

Choose {Special}Empty Trash to permanently delete items in the Trash. If any of those items is currently in use by other objects on the desktop


The {Special}Locate submenu can locate icons by their name. Other commands locate the icons of windows that use any of the selected icons and icons that are used by any of the selected icons.