Scatterplot Matrix

A scatterplot matrix displays the scatterplot of every pair of selected variables. The plots are arrayed as a table; the plot in row i and column j of this table plots variable i as y versus variable j as x. The plots on the diagonal of the table are the probability plots of the variables. You can’t make a plot matrix from the Ribbon. To create a plot matrix, select the variables and choose Plot >Plot Matrix.

Unlike other Data Desk displays, a plot matrix isn’t a single window, and it doesn’t close into a single icon. Instead, it is a collection of related scatterplots set to open at specific positions on the screen to form the table whose icons have been grouped in a single folder. Because they are separate plots, you can modify any of them to suit your needs. But because they are separate plots you must close them individually. To close all plots in a scatterplot matrix, make sure one of the plots is frontmost and choose

{Data > Close}

The Brush and Knife tools work well in scatterplot matrices to reveal relationships beyond the two-variable patterns of the individual plots. Another way to see relationships across several plots is with plot symbols and color.

The scatterplots in a scatterplot matrix have no axes or axis labels to leave the most room possible for the plotted points and reduce clutter. The plots on the main diagonal name the variables; to find the variables plotted in the i, j cell of the matrix, read the names from the ith and jth diagonal displays. The diagonal displays are normal probability plots.