Rotating Plots

Rotating plots depict relationships among three or more variables by showing a three-dimensional structure. The impression of three dimensions is vivid but requires that the plotted points move on the screen, so you may want to make a few rotating plots just to see how they look.

To make a rotating plot, select the rotating plot button from the ribbon. (It is over on the right; you may need to expand your Data desk window to see it.) Then drag three or more variables into the window. (Three or more?! Yes. Data desk rotating plots can plot any number of variables. See the instructions here.)

To rotate a plot press one or two arrow keys on the keyboard and hold them down. Alternatively, choose the “rotation hand” tool (the hand with an arrow on it) then press on the plot and move the hand. You can also push and release to set the plot spinning in any direction.

Rotating plots work with all plot tools in the Plot Tools palette, with all commands in the Modify menu, and with keyboard keys. Specifically, you can identify individual points and select cases, which will then highlight in all other displays.